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pub struct Arena<T> {
    // some fields omitted

An arena from which to allocate T objects from.


impl<T: Default> Arena<T>

fn new(capacity: usize) -> Box<Arena<T>>

Create a new Arena with the capacity to allocate the given number of T instances.

fn capacity(&self) -> usize

Get this heap's capacity for simultaneously allocated cons cells.

fn is_full(&self) -> bool

Return true if this arena is at full capacity, and false otherwise.

fn is_empty(&self) -> bool

Return true if this arena does not contain any reachable objects (ie, the free list is full), and false otherwise.

fn allocate(&mut self) -> ArenaPtr<T>

Allocate a new T instance and return a pointer to it.


Panics when this arena's pool is already at capacity.

fn sweep(&mut self)

Sweep the arena and add any reclaimed objects back to the free list.