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pub trait Trace {
    fn trace(&self) -> IterGcThing;

The Trace trait allows GC participants to inform the collector of their references to other GC things.

For example, imagine we had a Trio type that contained three cons cells:

struct Trio {
    first: ConsPtr,
    second: ConsPtr,
    third: ConsPtr,

Trio's implementation of Trace must yield all of its cons pointers, or else their referents could be reclaimed by the garbage collector, and the Trio would have dangling pointers, leading to undefined behavior and bad things when it dereferences them in the future.

impl Trace for Trio {
    fn trace(&self) -> IterGcThing {
        let refs = vec!(GcThing::from_cons_ptr(self.first),

Required Methods

fn trace(&self) -> IterGcThing

Return an iterable of all of the GC things referenced by this structure.